Morning walks

Before my alarm clock goes on, my brain comes alive. That’s what has been happening for days. Then, I’ll feel the urge to pee and so, I’ll begin to open my eyes.

I love mornings. By 5:10 am, I’ll be outside. I will be putting on my deep blue slippers with golden straps. I’ll start walking. The first thing I notice is the weather. Is it windy? Is it already warm? I always hope that it’s windy.

I’ll walk. I’ll be hearing different sounds from neighbors’ televisions, from a washing machine, from dogs, from a sizzling pan probably with eggs, from the few early risers. I’ll also smell different fragrances, some nice, others you know what. Oh, I’d also be hearing the noise from various vehicles. I sometimes get blinded by their lights, and annoyed honestly. There were those days, though, when there were only a few of them. Oh, how I long for those kinds of mornings.

I love peaceful morning walks. It’s always nice to watch the sky as it change its color from midnight blue to orange, pink, and then a bright blue. It’s also nice to look at my lefts and rights which are surrounded by trees of various kinds. I could imagine them greeting me as their leaves wave and dance with the wind.

I salute those who walk with me. The struggle of getting up from a comfortable bed is real for everyone. Aside from the walkers, there are also the bikers. To be honest, bikers outnumber the walkers. To be honest, at times, I envy how fast and far bikers can go.

And of course, I could never ignore the chirps of the birds… and the birds. They fly from one place to another while the sun’s making its way up the Earth or technically, when our planet’s rotating towards the sun. I once called the birds my morning walk buddies.

I do envy these little folks’ ability to fly. I’d like to ask them if they ever envy our ability to walk. Oh, those birds, they never get tired of flying. They inspire me to never get tired of walking. I always enjoy watching them even if they could give me a stiffed neck.

Although I enjoy walking, taking in the world we live in, touching the ground beneath us, and feeling peaceful; I always find myself looking forward to returning home. And then while I’m on my way home, I always catch myself looking forward for tomorrow’s morning walk…

I wish I can hug you.

I wish I can hug you.

So that you may stop trembling.

I wish I can whisper into your ears,

“It’s okay.”

I wish I can comfort you.

Though I may not understand it fully,

I know that you are in pain.

Dear Earth, I know you’re stressed. Like us, people living around you, you also experience difficult circumstances. You experience abrupt changes in temperature ever so often; you’re probably experiencing things that you haven’t known before. Sorry. Sorry for I understand that it could be our fault. We destroy you.

I can almost hear your cries.

I can almost feel how exhausted you are…

How you’d like to collapse…

How you simply want to release all the weight…

How you wanted to give up.

But please, do not.

I love you. Many of us love you. Although it’s true that a lot of us chooses to hurt you, rather than take care of you. I know you’re tired of taking care of us, of looking after us despite us, not being able to do the same. I’m sorry. I’m sorry we cause you a lot of troubles and a lot of damages. I’m sorry that you’re beyond repair. I’m sorry that you’ve lost most of your beauty.

Will it be too much to ask you

To be strong…

To remain strong

For all of us?

We get scared when you shake, Earth. I know it means a lot of us may get gurt. It also means that we’re about to lose our precious possessions. You’ve been protecting us for so long, I do know that. But, we have nothing else to cling onto but you. So please, please be strong…for us.

I wish I could hug you.

I wish I could stop you from trembling.

I wish I could promise you that everything will be better soon.

I wish I could caress you and wipe your tears.

I wish I could convince you to be strong…

And to stop shaking.

I wish that you won’t ever give up on us…

And for us.