Nope, not yet.

I want to post my blog in my Facebook profile page. I seem to want to brag that I can put up something like this to my friends, especially those I personally know but no, nope, not yet.

Aside from being a mediator and an idealist, I am also an introvert to its extremities. I am part of the group who’d rather spend their vacant time reading a book in a peaceful setting rather than attend a party. Yup, a huge crowd can give me anxiety. That’s one reason why I couldn’t work in manufacturing companies where IEs are usually employed. I am known to be a quiet girl ever since. I’m only talkative when I’m with my sister or by myself (pretending to be doing a haul, lol).

What I’m saying is people don’t know me and I’m at a place right now where I want to be known. I want them to know that I have a personality too-which is probably the opposite of theirs, I have feelings and thoughts too, I have ideas and perceptions and opinions too although I don’t get to voice them. Obviously, I could write them and that’s what I’ve been doing. I’m not really a verbal person.

I feel like I’ve been too closed my entire life, I’ve been too uptight, too aloof, too engrossed in my own world. I forgot that I am also a resident of the Earth, and not just my own little world. I’m thinking right now that I should open up a bit, loosen up, let people visit my world, let them take a glimpse of who I really am. Only then, I believe, will I finally achieve what I’ve been wanting to gain all my life-that is, other’s understanding. Yes!

Yes, I am an introvert but being introverted does not mean I don’t need people in my life. I need people too, and their affection and compassion, their understanding and care, their love.

One day, I’m going to share this blog to the people I personally know and tell them, “Hey, I guess it’s about time you stop misunderstanding me.

Please don’t misunderstand me. LOL! It’s almost the second week of the year. May the force continue to be with you!