My Cup of Tea

When I’m tensed, I turn to my cup of tea. I boil some water. Don’t use recycled. Freshly boiled water is always the best. I drop the tea bag with the freshest tea leaves into my cup, and gently pour the boiling water. Pouring the water is already a therapy in itself for me. I love hearing its soft sizzles as it forms a new shape in the cup and gains a new colour, a lovely brownish-greenish colour.

Then, I leave my cup of tea in the table with floral cloth in it, a lovely floral design of many shades. I leave it in there just for a couple of minutes. I don’t prefer a bitter-tasting tea.

Once I return, I make sure to take out the bag. I sit in the perfectly finished wooden chair with engraved swans in it. I take the cup and smell the freshly brewed tea. I even close my eyes and smiling is one thing I cannot not do. Finally, I sip my cup of tea and savor the taste in my lips.

My cup of tea is one of the things that give me ease. It relaxes every tension in my body, and gives my mind some peace. I treasure moments with my cup of tea. To you, it’s just a simple cup of tea while for me, it’s a dose of my much needed serenity.

A Moment of Relaxation with You


How are you? 



Why don’t you relax for a while.

Yes, relax. Sit still and if you want to, go on ahead and massage your head. Just gently press your fingers on your scalp and move them in circular motion. There…

That’s okay. Massaging your head helps with the circulation of your blood and it relaxes you.

You may also comb your hair using a fine brush or your fingers. It will also help you relax.

Breathe in and out. Deep breathing will help you release the tension in your body. It definitely alleviates stress. Breathe in and out as many times as you needed.

Do you want some tea? Green tea and mint will refresh you. Just the smell of the mint can even cure your headaches. I recommend camomile tea if you need to calm your mind. Jasmine tea would also be a great choice. Should I add a bit of lemon juice?

If it’s too warm on your location, I would give you a freshly squeezed lemon juice instead. It’s sour, I know but so very refreshing. Or I could just bring you a glass of cold water. You want extra ice?

Just chill for a couple of moments…

Don’t worry about your schedule or the things that you should do for a while. Come on, all of us need to take a break.

Are you fond of music? We can, perhaps, turn on the radio. I know a station that plays mellow music all day long. That could be good. We can change it to your type of music anytime.

Close your eyes and take time to enjoy the serenity of doing absolutely nothing, of relaxing…


What a nice moment.