Love Yourself

One of the dilemmas 20-something people experience is finding that person we’re going to spend our forever with (that is, if forever truly exist). For someone who has social anxiety, this could be so much difficult. How can one find a potential partner if s/he doesn’t know how to talk to people?

I am not sure about the other countries, but here in the Philippines, people expect you to be in a relationship by the time you reach 20 especially if you have already finished your studies. Relatives will ask you (all the time) if you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. If you say no, they’ll ask you-in a very disappointed┬átone-why. “What, why? It’s just I don’t want to. Why do you care?” We cannot really answer them with that. It’s a no-no to be unrespectful especially towards our relatives.

I am inexperienced in the “romantic love” department. I have never been in a real relationship. I’ve been in fake ones where the only one who knows that the guy (usually a handsome celebrity) and I are in a relationship is me; he doesn’t know too. He-he. Am I making “singlehood at 20-something” a big deal? ┬áMaybe. But I do believe that we shouldn’t be pressured with people around us. There’ s a time for everything, right?

While nobody’s coming on our way yet, let us be the one to take care and love ourselves. Let our love for ourselves resonate with our outlook in life, with our emotions, with our general well-being. Being single never meant nobody loves us. Maybe, it just means that we need to take care and love ourselves a little bit more or better first.

May we find love, whether from other people or our own selves, today and everyday!