Why are we too fond of new beginnings?

This is my first post and it is just most apt to talk about beginnings. Yes? Before 2016 ends, I had asked myself why we’re making all of those fuss about new year. We’re just changing our calendars anyway. It’s not like there’ll be two Mondays or we’ll be skipping a day. What’s so important about new year?

I found my answer from these words-new beginnings. As our 2016 calendars expire, we get to have our new beginnings, new opportunities, a new year. Yey!!

However… Aren’t we too fond of new beginnings? Couldn’t we change at the middle of the year? Make goals, for example, in June? The sad thing is some of us actually wait for a “new beginning” to do something we have always been wanting to do. That’s just it.

Well, honestly, I’m one of those people. I am always waiting for that perfect moment. And it’s a little too late when I’ve realized that there’s really no such thing; too late for I have already wasted too much time. Sad, eh?

Anyway, let’s now talk about the beginning itself. Let’s talk about New Year’s Resolutions! Those lists that we tear down after January, the lists that are being forgotten by the end of February! LOL. Do you still make them? Last year, I didn’t make one. This year, I have a few lists.

My main goal for this year is to establish a career. For almost three years, I am idle. OK, I got a bunch of writing jobs but by the mid of last year, they’re gone and they’re never regular anyway. So, I am basically idle. This year, I want to finally find a regular job, a job that would fund my love for books and make-up. Hehe.

Another goal of mine is to have a healthier lifestyle. Being idle also means a sedentary lifestyle, which is one reason why I am diabetic. I want to have an active lifestyle starting from this year to help cure/ease my diseases, as well as to ensure that I’ll live healthy for years and years.

2017. 2017, I’m claiming you. You are my year. You will be the best year ever! And I am praying that everyone else will be better, happier, and healthier this year. Cheers to new beginnings!