Don’t be afraid to bloom.

Beside those mushy bushes

The rocky roads

The thorny withered roses

The untrimmed grasses

The tiny, little sprouting species

The puddle, the mud

And anything else

And everything else – pretty or not.


Simply bloom at your own accord.

And bloom

For the world to see…

For the entire world to see, I tell you.

Don’t fear.

Just bloom.

Bloom to the best version of you.

Bloom unapologetically.

Bloom beautifully…

Bloom so happily

It inspires all the other to bloom with you.

I wish I can hug you.

I wish I can hug you.

So that you may stop trembling.

I wish I can whisper into your ears,

“It’s okay.”

I wish I can comfort you.

Though I may not understand it fully,

I know that you are in pain.

Dear Earth, I know you’re stressed. Like us, people living around you, you also experience difficult circumstances. You experience abrupt changes in temperature ever so often; you’re probably experiencing things that you haven’t known before. Sorry. Sorry for I understand that it could be our fault. We destroy you.

I can almost hear your cries.

I can almost feel how exhausted you are…

How you’d like to collapse…

How you simply want to release all the weight…

How you wanted to give up.

But please, do not.

I love you. Many of us love you. Although it’s true that a lot of us chooses to hurt you, rather than take care of you. I know you’re tired of taking care of us, of looking after us despite us, not being able to do the same. I’m sorry. I’m sorry we cause you a lot of troubles and a lot of damages. I’m sorry that you’re beyond repair. I’m sorry that you’ve lost most of your beauty.

Will it be too much to ask you

To be strong…

To remain strong

For all of us?

We get scared when you shake, Earth. I know it means a lot of us may get gurt. It also means that we’re about to lose our precious possessions. You’ve been protecting us for so long, I do know that. But, we have nothing else to cling onto but you. So please, please be strong…for us.

I wish I could hug you.

I wish I could stop you from trembling.

I wish I could promise you that everything will be better soon.

I wish I could caress you and wipe your tears.

I wish I could convince you to be strong…

And to stop shaking.

I wish that you won’t ever give up on us…

And for us.

Dare to believe.

After the rain
The rainbow will shine.
After the fog
Everything will be clearer.

After the tears
A smile would arise.
After a nightmare
There’s a brand new day.

After a bad day
Comes the best day.
After the obstacles
Is a lovely place.

After the rocky road
You’ll see your awesome destination.
After a steep mountain
Comes an unbelievable view.

After the dark clouds
You’ll finally see the shining stars.
After the storm
The huge strong sun will shine.

After a fight
There will be hugs and kisses.
After the thorns
You’ll feel the soft petals of a beautiful rose.

First Love (Poems)


First Date

It was a sunny Saturday.
The wind was blowing.
My hair too.
My heart beats were crazy.

My hair was down but curled.
My sister urged me to put a little bit of tint.
In my cheeks, in my lips.
When I saw you, the tint darkened.
Or did it brighten?

My hands were shaky and a bit sweaty.
So I hesitated.
It wasn’t because I don’t want to touch you.
In contrary, I do, so much.

My friend has this lovely scent.
I asked her to give me some.
It wasn’t as good compared to yours.
I wondered why I even made an effort.

The food, it tasted good.
I think?
Okay, I wasn’t really paying attention.
Your eyes are so beautiful.

I didn’t want that sunny Saturday to end.
I wanted to stay close to you.
Closer, maybe.
But then the sunny Saturday decided to call in a night.


First Kiss

The movie was cool.
I did pay attention.
My sister told me to.
So we could talk about it later.

You laughed at how crazy the sidekick is.
And I laughed too.
You looked at me.
My heart skipped a bit.
It almost stopped when you smile.

The popcorn was good.
But the touch of your hand is always better.
I might have intended to pick one when you’re getting some.
I might have.

I felt your touch again.
In my elbow this time.
As we’re leaving the cinema.
And I thought.
That’s the sweetest thing ever.
Yes, sweeter than the juice we’d ordered.

We walked for a while.
Chatted about the movie, thank you very much, sis.
Debated a little.
Agreed in the end.

Finally, we stopped.
Finally, you looked at me in the eyes.
Finally, you held my hand.
This is it, I thought.

Inches and inches.
Closer and closer.
I closed my eyes.
The fireworks were real.
Nobody told me about the song though.
Boy, I am crazy for you.


First Touch

It was the night of your birthday.
It was a starry Wednesday.
It was the best day of my life.
It was like a dream.

There was a party.
Your friends came over.
I intended to sleep over.
In your sister’s room supposedly.
Your parents stayed at the hotel.
Your sister ended up at a friend’s house.

We were alone.
We were crazy in love.
We want each other.
I was so sure, babe.
I wanted you.

You kissed me.
Deeper this time.
Longer this time.
I knew right then.
You wanted me too.

You touched me.
So carefully.
It’s maddening.
You were so gentle.
I was so in love.

I felt the softness of your bed.
Your scent crowded me.
I felt your touch inside of me.
Yes, babe, inside of me.

And then slowly, you moved.
You kissed me.
I did too.
It was crazy.
Too good.

And in a snap, it happened.
Or maybe not that quick.
I felt it, tears fell.
You comforted me.
You made me okay.

The dream began.
We danced.
With all the love that we have.

You kissed my lips at last.
I hugged you back.
We closed our eyes.
Our lips smiling.