17 Random Facts About Kriz

Just because it’s 2017, I’ve decided to create this post. Personally, it’s like traveling to memory lane again as I try to find interesting facts about me. Here we go.

1. During my first year in high school, I stole my classmate’s chair and never admitted that I did it. We even had an argument while my Math teacher was discussing our lesson. The ending: he let me be and got a chair of his own. Sorry, classmate.

2. When I was in day care, I cried when I was instructed to be the last person in the line. Apparently, my surname starts at W and apparently, my classmates thought it was hilarious that I was at the tail of the line. Kids!

3. I didn’t know how to use the Internet until I was in college (2009). For homeworks during high school, I used Encarta, if not a real dictionary. Once, in my last year in high school, my classmates had me joined them as they spend our vacant time at our multimedia center. All I did then was open Microsoft Word and type my favorite song. I even used Wordart for its title. Real dope.

4. I lost my allowance one day in grade 6. I almost cried. Because three of us in the class had lost our money in that particular week (I think), our adviser asked us to write in a paper who we thought stole our money and put it in a fish bowl. I didn’t really have any idea who did it so I just wrote whoever came to my mind first. Actually, thinking about it years later, there’s a huge possibility that I just misplaced my allowance. Sorry, again.

5. I was the most quiet girl in our class because I don’t really know how to socialize. One Christmas party of my grade school years, our adviser did a “Bring Me” game and she asked my classmates to literally Bring Me (as in me!) to her so that I could join in the fun.

6. I’ve experienced trekking twice on our educational trips back in college. They were awful. The pathways were slippery due to rain. I would have fell if my classmate wasn’t holding me. But now that I am a bit fitter, I’d like to do it again.

7. I love the color pink. I find every shade of it unique and pretty. Actually, my room is pink as well as my bed and my curtains.

pink roses from my 18th birthday

8. We used to have rabbits as pets. They were so cute but the babies weren’t (lol). It’s so nice feeding them with celery, carrots, and other vegetables. I think they died. Aww.

9. I am a sensitive person. Nuff said.

10. There are two things that I’m so afraid to do because of my parents-lying and cursing. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t done both my entire life.

11. I am so bad at sports. I had to play table tennis during grade 6 though as we were all mandated to join our sports fest. I won one game and that was it, a lower grader defeated me.

12. I don’t know how to swim. My brother and I almost got drowned during our first time in the beach. Fortunately, our dad was just nearby.

13. When I was in high school (especially the first years), I used to register to an unlimited texting service and text any number that I could formulate. Some replied, some didn’t most probably because the phone numbers weren’t existing then. Hihi.

14. I thought I could sing until my mom shut me up. At least, she saved me from possible further embarrassment. I still sing though when I’m by myself.

15. Back in college, we did declamation in the class. After two stanzas, I embarrassingly forgot the rest of my chosen piece (If), my teacher had to get the copy from my friends and dictate it to me. I still got a 90 though, all good.

16. Back then, my sister and I both wanted to be fashion designers that we filled in notebooks and more notebooks with our not-so-beautiful designs. None of us pursued fashion anyway, but she took up dress making in high school.

17. I want to own a piano and be able to play it well. I’m just in awe every time I get to watch pianists perform difficult pieces. Music brings life to me too.

And there goes the list, everyone. Would you want to do it too? Go ahead. It’s nice to remember happy and embarrassing moments every once in a while.

May this year bring us more happy and embarrassing (but not so much, please, please) moments that we could laugh about and cherish for the rest of our lives. Happy 2017!


Why are we too fond of new beginnings?

This is my first post and it is just most apt to talk about beginnings. Yes? Before 2016 ends, I had asked myself why we’re making all of those fuss about new year. We’re just changing our calendars anyway. It’s not like there’ll be two Mondays or we’ll be skipping a day. What’s so important about new year?

I found my answer from these words-new beginnings. As our 2016 calendars expire, we get to have our new beginnings, new opportunities, a new year. Yey!!

However… Aren’t we too fond of new beginnings? Couldn’t we change at the middle of the year? Make goals, for example, in June? The sad thing is some of us actually wait for a “new beginning” to do something we have always been wanting to do. That’s just it.

Well, honestly, I’m one of those people. I am always waiting for that perfect moment. And it’s a little too late when I’ve realized that there’s really no such thing; too late for I have already wasted too much time. Sad, eh?

Anyway, let’s now talk about the beginning itself. Let’s talk about New Year’s Resolutions! Those lists that we tear down after January, the lists that are being forgotten by the end of February! LOL. Do you still make them? Last year, I didn’t make one. This year, I have a few lists.

My main goal for this year is to establish a career. For almost three years, I am idle. OK, I got a bunch of writing jobs but by the mid of last year, they’re gone and they’re never regular anyway. So, I am basically idle. This year, I want to finally find a regular job, a job that would fund my love for books and make-up. Hehe.

Another goal of mine is to have a healthier lifestyle. Being idle also means a sedentary lifestyle, which is one reason why I am diabetic. I want to have an active lifestyle starting from this year to help cure/ease my diseases, as well as to ensure that I’ll live healthy for years and years.

2017. 2017, I’m claiming you. You are my year. You will be the best year ever! And I am praying that everyone else will be better, happier, and healthier this year. Cheers to new beginnings!