At our favorite restaurant…

Saturday. Saturday evening. The way to our favorite restaurant was quite a chaos. It left us wondering if the traffic lights were properly working. Nonetheless, we’ve reached our destination. Well, it’s been a while. Three months and a half to be exact.

No need for any occasion. Someone in the family will give an idea that it’ll be nice to eat out and we’ll all agree. We tried other places too but we always go back to our favorite restaurant.

Our favorite restaurant offers all-Filipino dishes. It has the best ambiance. It’s surrounded by stars; being there feels like Christmas all the time. It is an open area with lots of long tables. The chairs are too comfy, you can rest your back and even lift your legs on it. And because the place is open, you will never feel alone. You’ll see the different vehicles down the road but it wouldn’t be too noisy. You will still hear the lovely music the restaurant plays. After 7 pm, a live band will be ready to serenade everyone. It’s awesome.

While waiting for the food, which are needless to say delicious, I like to look outside. I like to see the busyness of the world around me. I like feeling the natural breeze too as it kisses my skin. Sometimes, I like to listen to nearby conversations, as well. It’s nice. It’s just really nice.

And then, every time we leave, I could always feel my tummy smiling and my heart too. It was another memorable moment. It was simple yet meaningful. It wasn’t just about the food, the music, my company, the ambiance. I’d say it’s also about the warm feeling I carry inside whenever we go to our favorite restaurant. It’s nice. It’s just really nice.

My Cup of Tea

When I’m tensed, I turn to my cup of tea. I boil some water. Don’t use recycled. Freshly boiled water is always the best. I drop the tea bag with the freshest tea leaves into my cup, and gently pour the boiling water. Pouring the water is already a therapy in itself for me. I love hearing its soft sizzles as it forms a new shape in the cup and gains a new colour, a lovely brownish-greenish colour.

Then, I leave my cup of tea in the table with floral cloth in it, a lovely floral design of many shades. I leave it in there just for a couple of minutes. I don’t prefer a bitter-tasting tea.

Once I return, I make sure to take out the bag. I sit in the perfectly finished wooden chair with engraved swans in it. I take the cup and smell the freshly brewed tea. I even close my eyes and smiling is one thing I cannot not do. Finally, I sip my cup of tea and savor the taste in my lips.

My cup of tea is one of the things that give me ease. It relaxes every tension in my body, and gives my mind some peace. I treasure moments with my cup of tea. To you, it’s just a simple cup of tea while for me, it’s a dose of my much needed serenity.

I am not in love.

They say I’m in love because of the way I bat my lash, the way my eyes spark, and the way I flash a smile. They say I’m in love for the way I talk’s sweet as choco pops, and the way I stare’s dreamy and soft. They say I’m in in love for my movement’s smooth and it’s like I’m always in a dance.

No, I am not in love.

If I’m in love, my eyes would have bags and not sparks. If I’m in love, my body would be too stiffed and always tensed. If I’m in love, there’ll be tears between my lash. If I’m in love, my smiles would be fake. If I’m in love, I don’t think I’d be able to even talk clearly.

Nope, there’s an absolute no way that I’m in love.

My heart would only beat fast after my cardio. I would not have the giggles, only frowns. My mind would think about million things per second and not only a single whoever every second. My phone’s filled with nothing but my photos. I am not stalking anybody in social media. I am not dreaming to be anybody, nor do I dream that I’m with somebody.

Then, do I wish to be in love?

If it would help with my stories, perhaps I would. If it would help with my loneliness, perhaps I would. If it won’t, no thank you. No, thank you.