She tried.

First of all, I am a Filipino. Second of all, of course, I’d like our candidate to win again. Yes, I am talking about the 65th Miss Universe, which was held here in the Philippines. I’d like to talk about Ms. Maxine Medina, our candidate further, specifically about her Q&A moment.

The pressure was definitely on, and it became greater I believe when the judges mentioned that the Q&A or the Question and Answer portion will really determine who will wear the crown. For Maxine, the pressure was greatest as she was the first to answer one of those difficult questions that were raised, I believe.

Now, the interpreter. For the entire month, it has been a huge issue here in the Philippines. It just so happened that a lot of Filipinos suddenly became grammarians when it comes to Maxine-on her social media posts, interview answers, etc. Many believed, strongly may I just add, that our candidate will fail with her usage of English and they assumed that she can perform better if she’ll just use our native language. Well, nothing’s wrong with that anyway. Filipino, like every other language and dialect around the world, is beautiful. And I think that’s exactly why a Filipino-English interpreter was present in the stage.

I, like a lot of Filipinos, cannot just understand the need for bashing, hating, bullying from Filipinos to a fellow Filipino. It may-“may”-have an effect on Maxine’s choice in the end to answer in English, to prove her haters that she can.

So, yes, that’s what she did. Even with the present of an interpreter, Miss Philippines answered in English. Is it flawless? No. Does it have any relevance to the question? Yes, if you’d look at the thought of her answer, rather than how she was able to deliver it. Did she do a great job? No, because she wasn’t able to articulate her thoughts very well. Why do I think so? Pressure, distrust, and nerves.

Despite everything, I am proud of Maxine. I think she’s truly an inspiration. She stood there confidently, her smile’s never fading. And most of all, she tried. She went outside of her comfort zone by not answering a difficult question in her native tongue. Even though she wasn’t able to deliver a winning answer, she proved that she can, with poise, answer in the language many people called her weakness. She must be proud of herself. She’s definitely a strong woman.

As for Miss France, the new reigning Miss Universe, I believe she won because she was herself the entire time. It was evident how she loves cooking and she’s very proud of her country. She put herself out there but still she was able to represent France beautifully. Congratulations to her and to the rest of the 86 Miss Universe candidates! Ah, so many beautiful women in the universe. ❤