Do it to feel good!

Find what feels good. (from Yoga with Adriene)

Hesitations. Who doesn’t have them? At the back of the most successful business’ owner’s mind, there’s most probably a hesitation that he chose to just stay there…

A lot of motivational articles or speakers would tell you to just do it, do it to achieve your goals, do it because it’s what you’ve been dreaming of since you’re a little child. Let’s make a different motivational statement, inspired by Yoga with Adriene, let’s do it-whatever it is-to feel good (of course, only in a positive way).

Let’s talk about “feeling good” first. The good feeling that we’re targeting here is a permanent good feeling, a feeling that will linger, a genuinely-positively-good feeling. It is that good feeling that will make you want to share it to others, that will inspire you to live life every single day, that will make you truly happy as well and in the long run-fulfilled. It is the feeling that will bring out the very best in you.

I find it easier to do things when I do it to feel good about myself or to generally just feel good. For example, working out; I do it not to look good but to feel good. And I choose the routines that I will feel good doing. I choose dance workouts because I feel more energized and motivated while doing them. It is nice to have options and actually, we do have them almost all the time. Choose wisely.

Doing what feels good for you, for your body, mind and soul is a form of self-love. It’s not selfishness; it’s showing love and compassion for yourself. It’ll only become selfishness if you let what you do hurt other people or it is destructive to your own self.

Always choose what’s good for you. Always choose what feels good. Find it and I’ll pray to God that we all will. And when we finally did find it, let’s do it despite that little hesitation at the back of our minds.

An awesome day to you, awesome people!