A Love Letter

Hey. How are you? I hope you’re good. No, I hope you’re doing great. I hope you’re happy. Maybe, this letter could make you smile. I hope it would.

I write to tell you how I admire you. I admire your strength, your strength to always stay in the good side despite all those temptations. You are strong. I hope you know that. I know you’ve been through a lot but still, you haven’t lost your kindness and good nature. Hey, give yourself more credit. I feel like you don’t because I always catch you in a bitter mood.

Another thing that make me admire you is your resilience. I know it’s difficult for you to do what you’re doing yet you keep on doing them the best that you can. You don’t give up. Maybe, sometimes, you already want to shout or cry but you do not. I guess it’s because you know it wouldn’t do you good so you just choose to be positive at all times. That’s admirable. Really. But don’t forget to give yourself a break too, okay?

I sometimes catch you being too serious. It’s funny, but I don’t laugh I promise. Just, just don’t take everything seriously. I would love to see you laugh. I would love to know that you’re happy, truly happy. That being said, I sometimes notice how unreal your smiles are. I just feel they’re off. I want you to smile and to laugh but if you’re only faking it, then better not do it. I know you’re not perfect and I think I’ll also like it if you would express your sadness. It’s also for you. You have to let go of those not so pretty emotions.

I love you. I love you that’s why I want you to be truly happy whatever that means for you. I love you and I wish you would also find your happiness. I love you and I hope you would appreciate yourself more and please take care of yourself more. Always remember that you’re loved. Even if everyone leaves you, know that I will remain. God will always be with you, too. We got your back, my dear self.

To the man of my dream…

I don’t know who you are for I wasn’t able to look at your face, yet I certainly felt a connection with you. Maybe, you’re my soulmate or maybe you’re simply just a fragment of my thoughts.

Well, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for making me feel loved, wanted, and cared for for a brief moment. I could still remember the way you smell. You smelled of bath soap and it’s a comforting scent for me. I could still feel your hand in my head as you pet me. I had to slide it down to my shoulder though and yes, I had to hold it too.

Your hand is soft and I don’t want to let go of it. But in my dream you had to leave.

I hope to meet you in real life if ever you’re real. I long for the fuzzy feeling that you caused me. You put me at ease. I wonder if fate will ever let me see you again…

Turn your worries into prayers.

When something bad happens, our first nature is to worry for the worst. Although we are aware that worrying cannot help the situation, we still do it. May we find the courage to convert our worries into prayers. The moment you heard a bad news, pray. Whether the news has a direct effect on you or not, and whether it involves people you know or not, pray. Pray.

These days, a lot of tragedy has been happening in the different parts of the world. How fortunate everyone who’s not there. May all these fortunate people pray for those who are on those places captivated by wars and by heartless people. Let us pray for the safety of the humanity. Let’s pray that the roots of all wars may be cut down and the wars be completely ended.

Dear Lord,

In the midst of all these bad things that are happening in the world, may we find you and your mercy and your love for your people. Please take care of your children. Heal our hearts, especially those who are causing the wars and those who are losing their faith during these dark hours of their lives. Lord, take away all the hatred and pains, and please replace them with love and compassion.

May all the bad things end and may peace finally arise in our world. Lord, forgive us all for our sins and please grant us the grace of the Holy Spirit to guide us in our everyday lives. May we always think what’s good for everyone, and not only for ourselves. Use us to encourage our brothers and sisters to be kind to one another and use us to be the messengers of your word and your unconditional love.

Thank you, Lord, for not abandoning us especially during these times. Thank you for listening to us as we turn our worries into prayers. Thank you for holding our hands when we seem to have no one else and nothing else to hold on to. We love you, Oh Lord. But, we know that our love for you cannot be compared to your love for us which is bigger than the world and surely, bigger that all of these unfortunate events.

Light up our hearts, Oh Lord, and fill them with courage, with strength, with hope, with love and compassion, and with utmost faith in you. 

All these we pray in the name of Jesus Christ, your son. Amen.

Don’t worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking him with a thankful heart. (Philippians 4:6)

I am not in love.

They say I’m in love because of the way I bat my lash, the way my eyes spark, and the way I flash a smile. They say I’m in love for the way I talk’s sweet as choco pops, and the way I stare’s dreamy and soft. They say I’m in in love for my movement’s smooth and it’s like I’m always in a dance.

No, I am not in love.

If I’m in love, my eyes would have bags and not sparks. If I’m in love, my body would be too stiffed and always tensed. If I’m in love, there’ll be tears between my lash. If I’m in love, my smiles would be fake. If I’m in love, I don’t think I’d be able to even talk clearly.

Nope, there’s an absolute no way that I’m in love.

My heart would only beat fast after my cardio. I would not have the giggles, only frowns. My mind would think about million things per second and not only a single whoever every second. My phone’s filled with nothing but my photos. I am not stalking anybody in social media. I am not dreaming to be anybody, nor do I dream that I’m with somebody.

Then, do I wish to be in love?

If it would help with my stories, perhaps I would. If it would help with my loneliness, perhaps I would. If it won’t, no thank you. No, thank you.

Use Your Pains as Motivation

I have been bullied. I have been laughed at. I have been an outcast. I have been rejected. I have been ignored. I have been hurt a lot of times.

I know, we all have been. We all once cry or simply bow our heads. We all had that time when we lose our confidence or it was taken away from us. We have been hurt physically, mentally, and emotionally. We have all been bruised yet we’re all still standing.

Despite all those pains, we are all standing. We are all here, bruised yet alive; bruised yet alive.

We will feel all the pain or some of it at certain times. Something or someone will make us remember those times when we got our hearts broken or torn apart. Those times will surely come not just once… not just once.

What should we do if we reach that point in our lives? We always have a choice. But I hope we always choose to turn our pains into motivations. Let them motivate us to love ourselves more and no longer let anybody or any criticism from anybody affect is. 

Let’s let our pain be our motivation to excel in our lives and be the happiest we can be. Let’s let the pain and all our current and past destructors be our motivations to be strong, strong enough to always choose to forgive rather than hold useless grudges; strong enough to control our emotions rather than let them sweep us away; strong enough to always choose love and peace instead of hate and depair.

Pains, what do you know, could also be positive. It just goes to show how perspective could change everything. Let’s always go on the side that’s best for us. Let’s always choose where light shines and where we can shine the most. 🙂

Dear You…

Be grateful. You have a lot of things to be thankful for. On top of the list is the life that God didn’t give you, but God made for you. Take time to reflect on these two’s difference. God didn’t simply give you life. God made you; God made your life only for you. It’s the greatest gift. Embrace it no matter how difficult it may seem at the moment. Always remember that it’s God’s creation and so, he’ll always be in control of it.

Let go. Learn to sort things out. Keep those which you needed and get rid of the ones you don’t. The latter does not need to occupy some important spaces which the former can actually make use of. You’re not meant to sail a still ocean. Life throws lemons; use the good ones and throw the rotten ones.

Love. Don’t be afraid to feel different emotions. Don’t be afraid to be happy just because sadness may come next. Don’t be afraid of sadness, of fear, and the other negative emotions. Don’t be afraid of them so that they won’t be able to control you. Most especially, don’t be afraid to fall in love. Don’t be afraid to give a part of yourself to other people. Don’t be afraid to love only because of the pain it may result. You’re born to love.

Be happy. They say happiness is a choice and that it is not meant to be chased. I believe in them. Every day, you can choose happiness. Even if you’re not feeling it, you can still choose it. There’s nothing wrong in that. You got to be optimistic for life’s never constant. Keep smiling and let your smile shine for others too who need happiness in their lives.

Hope. Never let hope leave your heart. Keep hope deep within and let it grow day by day. Hope for better tomorrows yet never fail to appreciate today. Hope for awesome opportunities but also try to knock certain doors that could lead to your dreams. Hope for a better you and strive. Hope and water your hope.

Cherish every moment. Lastly, always be present. Moments don’t last no matter how so badly you want them too. And so enjoy each moment, each company, each laughter, each tear. Enjoy life as it is moment per moment. Don’t let yourself have any regrets. Live…

Live God’s gift especially for you with a grateful heart, take every learning that you can take and forget about the bad things, never resist any emotion but never let any of them control you too, smile, dream big, and seize every day!

Why do people get hurt?

Why do people get hurt? Is it because they love too much or because their love’s not enough?

Why do people get hurt? Is it because they love too much?

They love too much but don’t get anything in return. Those they love do things that hurt them. Those they love ignore them and their feelings. Those they love are not deserving of their love. Those they love don’t know how to accept their love.

Why do people get hurt? Is it because their love’s not enough?

If it’s enough, they wouldn’t get hurt if those they love don’t love them back. If it’s enough, they’ll be contented looking after those they love from afar. If it’s enough, they’ll be contented by merely love. “Merely” loving? Is there such a thing?

So, why do people get hurt? Should they really get hurt? Should they? And if yes, why should they?

Everyday, we ask the question “why?” and everyday – either tirelessly or exhaustedly – we try to find the answers to our why’s. Some days, we find them. Other days, we simply don’t like today, I don’t.