First Love (Poems)


First Date

It was a sunny Saturday.
The wind was blowing.
My hair too.
My heart beats were crazy.

My hair was down but curled.
My sister urged me to put a little bit of tint.
In my cheeks, in my lips.
When I saw you, the tint darkened.
Or did it brighten?

My hands were shaky and a bit sweaty.
So I hesitated.
It wasn’t because I don’t want to touch you.
In contrary, I do, so much.

My friend has this lovely scent.
I asked her to give me some.
It wasn’t as good compared to yours.
I wondered why I even made an effort.

The food, it tasted good.
I think?
Okay, I wasn’t really paying attention.
Your eyes are so beautiful.

I didn’t want that sunny Saturday to end.
I wanted to stay close to you.
Closer, maybe.
But then the sunny Saturday decided to call in a night.


First Kiss

The movie was cool.
I did pay attention.
My sister told me to.
So we could talk about it later.

You laughed at how crazy the sidekick is.
And I laughed too.
You looked at me.
My heart skipped a bit.
It almost stopped when you smile.

The popcorn was good.
But the touch of your hand is always better.
I might have intended to pick one when you’re getting some.
I might have.

I felt your touch again.
In my elbow this time.
As we’re leaving the cinema.
And I thought.
That’s the sweetest thing ever.
Yes, sweeter than the juice we’d ordered.

We walked for a while.
Chatted about the movie, thank you very much, sis.
Debated a little.
Agreed in the end.

Finally, we stopped.
Finally, you looked at me in the eyes.
Finally, you held my hand.
This is it, I thought.

Inches and inches.
Closer and closer.
I closed my eyes.
The fireworks were real.
Nobody told me about the song though.
Boy, I am crazy for you.


First Touch

It was the night of your birthday.
It was a starry Wednesday.
It was the best day of my life.
It was like a dream.

There was a party.
Your friends came over.
I intended to sleep over.
In your sister’s room supposedly.
Your parents stayed at the hotel.
Your sister ended up at a friend’s house.

We were alone.
We were crazy in love.
We want each other.
I was so sure, babe.
I wanted you.

You kissed me.
Deeper this time.
Longer this time.
I knew right then.
You wanted me too.

You touched me.
So carefully.
It’s maddening.
You were so gentle.
I was so in love.

I felt the softness of your bed.
Your scent crowded me.
I felt your touch inside of me.
Yes, babe, inside of me.

And then slowly, you moved.
You kissed me.
I did too.
It was crazy.
Too good.

And in a snap, it happened.
Or maybe not that quick.
I felt it, tears fell.
You comforted me.
You made me okay.

The dream began.
We danced.
With all the love that we have.

You kissed my lips at last.
I hugged you back.
We closed our eyes.
Our lips smiling.