Think about you, too.

She was thinking about the chaos in her country. A group of terrorists attacked and almost got a hold of an entire city. It has been days and yet the war still goes on. There are still some civilians trapped in the area.

She was thinking of her family. They are not currently in the best condition. Being unemployed bother her and she feels like she’s no use in their house. She was also thinking about other people and how they view her and how they may judge her for her life decisions.

She was thinking too much. She was thinking a lot but snap! Why was she not thinking about herself?

For how many times, I’ve talked about how life can get painful. I’ve also talked about self-love. Sadly, when the former becomes too much, the latter hides behind the curtains. We tend to forget about ourselves when utter chaos hit our world. Actually, even the act of thinking too much about so many things is in itself destructive to ourselves.

If the things you worry about need your attention, let me tell you and so do you. Other people can attend to those other things but who will attend to you? It should be you too.

What we should do is to detach. Think about you and detach from everything else for a while. Detach and de-stress. Give yourself a permission to do these not just because you want to but because you need too. We all need to relax and re-energize.

Whatever would make you feel relaxed is up to you. You do it. You do it, especially during those times when it seems to be the least important thing to do because your plate is full. If you miss to find relaxation during those times, stress may build up in you.

Just don’t forget about yourself. Go backstage every time you have a chance, and do what you could do there to give yourself the love and care that you need and deserved.

On Letting Go

We all have a past that we want to forget, a past that we regret, a past that we wish never happened, a past that we wish we could change, and/or a past we that we never wanted to end. We all do. We all do.

Past. It’s where most of our pains root. It’s where we left parts of ourselves that we wish to have back. It’s where our hearts got broken. It’s where our tears dropped.

Past. In other words, done. In other words, unexchangeable. In other words, let it go.

Letting go, as we all know, is vital in life but is also extremely difficult. First of all, how to start? How to start accepting what had been done without confronting the pain again? How to start forgetting what had been said? How to stop regretting? It’s way, way difficult that anyone could ever anticipate.

Letting go can be a long, long process. A long, long emotional battle. A long mental struggle. It’s tiring. It’s tiring.

But, it’s vital. Let’s always go back to that. It’s vital. Letting go is vital in living the present. Live in the present, they said. But actually, before you could really do that, you have to let go of your past first. Otherwise, the past will mess around with the present.

So, what can we do to let go of the past?

  1. Forgive ourselves.
  2. Forgive others.
  3. Forgive life.

And again, these three promised to be such grueling processes. But think about them. Think about their importance.

Tonight, I’ll be praying for us. May we finally learn to let go of our pasts by being able to do those three difficult steps. Then, after we let go, may we be more open to love ourselves, to love others, and to love life.

It’s OK to not be OK.

Last night, I messaged a trustworthy friend and told her about my problems. I was a bit depressed last night, to be honest. I woke up today with a long message from her. She reminded me that it’s okay to not be okay. We’re all humans, humans who feel both positive and negative emotions.

From meditation practices that I’ve done in the past year, I’d learned that we should be just observers of our emotions. We should not let them influence us. We should acknowledge the moments we feel sad, happy, mad, and scared and realize too that these emotions are not permanent. They come and go. It’s like traveling and seeing these emotions along the journey but not letting them hitch in the car and direct our way. We just say hi to them and proceed.

I may be feeling down right now, lacking of self belief, and having anxieties for my future but I gain hope and peace in the fact that this all shall pass. These emotions and thoughts are all part of life, not beautiful they may be. They’re part of living.

Sometimes, there is really no need to overanalyze things. We just have to accept that they’re happening but also, acknowledge the fact that there’s no need to cling onto them. Even if you’re not feeling okay, it’s okay. All is well. You’ll be okay sooner or later.

If enduring is needed, go ahead and do it. If crying is needed, allow your eyes to do just that. If you needed to release the anger, shout. If the emotions are overwhelming, breath in and out… Don’t let any emotion overcome you. Keep your grip on the steering wheel tightly. Look ahead. Keep driving. It’s all good.