Today, I’ve decided to declutter my room and finally throw away the things that no longer serve me. I own a lot of school supplies and things that you usually display. Some of them were gifts. I was really hesitant to throw away those which are gifted to me in respect to the giver, but they’re the things I don’t really need. So, I’ve decided today is the day that I let them go to create more space in my room.

I also cleaned my closet and removed all the clothes that I no longer wear. Most I will throw because they are really old but I left some to act as rags. The rest, I’ll give away to my relatives who want them.

This process, for me, of decluttering is therapeutic because it’s such a concrete demonstration of our abilities to let go of anything that we no longer need in our lives. Two words – we can. It may be difficult especially if the things do have sentimental value for us wherein we remember something special whenever we see them. But that’s actually what the process is. It requires the strength to let go no matter difficult.

Next month, I will reach the age of 24. Pretty old, huh? And I want it to be a turning point in my life. I want it to be the age when finally, I break out of my comfort zone and find where my heart is, and then follow it without thinking twice. Before my birthday, I want to prepare. I want to be prepared. I want to gain the strength, as well as the serenity. I want to be at peace with myself, with my past, with everything that is in my life.

I hope I could be mature enough, yet still very childish. I’ll only age but I won’t ever let go of my inner child and its ability to be happy over the simplest, the littlest things of life.

I know a lot of things may happen and plans may change. But, whatever clutter may come in our lives, I hope we can always find the strength and the ability to declutter… to simply let go without thinking too much and without hesitations… to create new lovely spaces for even lovelier things… and, and to love ourselves more, our lives more, our space – our space – like we have never loved it before.

On Letting Go

We all have a past that we want to forget, a past that we regret, a past that we wish never happened, a past that we wish we could change, and/or a past we that we never wanted to end. We all do. We all do.

Past. It’s where most of our pains root. It’s where we left parts of ourselves that we wish to have back. It’s where our hearts got broken. It’s where our tears dropped.

Past. In other words, done. In other words, unexchangeable. In other words, let it go.

Letting go, as we all know, is vital in life but is also extremely difficult. First of all, how to start? How to start accepting what had been done without confronting the pain again? How to start forgetting what had been said? How to stop regretting? It’s way, way difficult that anyone could ever anticipate.

Letting go can be a long, long process. A long, long emotional battle. A long mental struggle. It’s tiring. It’s tiring.

But, it’s vital. Let’s always go back to that. It’s vital. Letting go is vital in living the present. Live in the present, they said. But actually, before you could really do that, you have to let go of your past first. Otherwise, the past will mess around with the present.

So, what can we do to let go of the past?

  1. Forgive ourselves.
  2. Forgive others.
  3. Forgive life.

And again, these three promised to be such grueling processes. But think about them. Think about their importance.

Tonight, I’ll be praying for us. May we finally learn to let go of our pasts by being able to do those three difficult steps. Then, after we let go, may we be more open to love ourselves, to love others, and to love life.