No, you’re not any better.

Don’t think so highly of yourself. You are not any better than anyone. Even if you’re now successful and others not, that doesn’t mean you’re better. It only means that you have more. You have no rights to put down anyone. And the same goes for those who are unsuccessful. You have no rights to judge your successful peers and find the ugly in their lives. You’re no better to do that.

You are not better than anyone, even if the person you love loves you too. You’re just fortunate or blessed but you’re not better than someone who’s alone. And if you’re alone, you’re not any better with those couples who are shouting at each other during their endless arguments. You have no rights to butt in, whisper to others your unsolicited opinions. You’re no better, remember that.

No, you’re not better than me and I am not better than you. We’re equals, although ultimately diverse. I cannot judge you, you can’t judge me too. If I think I knew better, that’s exactly when I knew nothing at all. The same goes for you.

Compassion is what the world needs, not finding who’s better or who’s worse.