Turn your worries into prayers.

When something bad happens, our first nature is to worry for the worst. Although we are aware that worrying cannot help the situation, we still do it. May we find the courage to convert our worries into prayers. The moment you heard a bad news, pray. Whether the news has a direct effect on you or not, and whether it involves people you know or not, pray. Pray.

These days, a lot of tragedy has been happening in the different parts of the world. How fortunate everyone who’s not there. May all these fortunate people pray for those who are on those places captivated by wars and by heartless people. Let us pray for the safety of the humanity. Let’s pray that the roots of all wars may be cut down and the wars be completely ended.

Dear Lord,

In the midst of all these bad things that are happening in the world, may we find you and your mercy and your love for your people. Please take care of your children. Heal our hearts, especially those who are causing the wars and those who are losing their faith during these dark hours of their lives. Lord, take away all the hatred and pains, and please replace them with love and compassion.

May all the bad things end and may peace finally arise in our world. Lord, forgive us all for our sins and please grant us the grace of the Holy Spirit to guide us in our everyday lives. May we always think what’s good for everyone, and not only for ourselves. Use us to encourage our brothers and sisters to be kind to one another and use us to be the messengers of your word and your unconditional love.

Thank you, Lord, for not abandoning us especially during these times. Thank you for listening to us as we turn our worries into prayers. Thank you for holding our hands when we seem to have no one else and nothing else to hold on to. We love you, Oh Lord. But, we know that our love for you cannot be compared to your love for us which is bigger than the world and surely, bigger that all of these unfortunate events.

Light up our hearts, Oh Lord, and fill them with courage, with strength, with hope, with love and compassion, and with utmost faith in you. 

All these we pray in the name of Jesus Christ, your son. Amen.

Don’t worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking him with a thankful heart. (Philippians 4:6)

Why be kind?

I was in the church. I happened to come early. The mass hadn’t started yet. I’d decided to observe people, just one of the things I do to find inspiration for my future stories and for living life in general.

At the first pew, I saw a dad with his daughter. It was not something you see every Sunday. Usually, it’d be a mother-daughter tandem. I thought of a reason why the mother was absent. Maybe, she is sick. Her husband and daughter regularly attend the mass to pray for her healing. They are drawing strength from God. They are keeping their faith despite a huge rock on their road.

At their back was a mother with his little child. The boy was walking back and forth their row. He even went to the aisle and ran there. The mom, pissed, carried the boy and sat him back to their pew. The boy cried and the mom looked even more pissed. Usually, I’d be pissed too because the mom could not manage her child; I would think, she should’ve not brought the child in the church.

But that day, I’d decided to put myself in the mom’s shoes instead. I was so tired. My child is a toddler, very active. He always wants to play, even late at night. I have a lot of things to do at home too. My husband is busy with his job, he couldn’t even help me take care of our son during weekends so I could properly do our laundry. And now, my son’s acting up again. I know I should have not brought him here but I have no one to leave him to while I hear mass. And I can’t pass the Holy Mass.

I smiled.

Then, I had noticed the guy beside me who was looking so annoyed with the noise the crying boy was creating. There were creases in his forehead. I’d also noticed that he had been glancing at his wristwatch over and over again. He was also annoyed that the priest was late, obviously. Instead of judging him, I tried picturing his situation in my mind, as well.

He may be a working student. At weekdays, he is at school doing his best to finish his studies. During weekends, he’s working to fund his studies and help with their expenses at home. His parents had been poor and their jobs do not help them get out of poverty and that’s why he’s working so hard. He wanted to finish his studies, work in a multinational company, and give his family a better life. He knows he needed guidance from above so he’s always attending the mass. However, he’ll be late if the priest does not come any minute now. And the little boy just makes his head ache even more; he wasn’t able to sleep early last night as he had to work overtime.

He caught me staring at him. I smiled. He glanced at his watch for the nth time.


I’d realized then that each of us is going through some struggles in life and we all need one thing-kindness. We all need a smile from other people. We need an encouraging nod. We need warmth and compassion.

Why be kind? Why not? We don’t know how a simple act of kindness can change one’s life.

Why be kind? Because the world and the people greatly needed it.

Why be kind? Because you want others to be kind to you too. So… Be kind.

*This a creative non fiction, a story based on true-to-life scenarios.

No, you’re not any better.

Don’t think so highly of yourself. You are not any better than anyone. Even if you’re now successful and others not, that doesn’t mean you’re better. It only means that you have more. You have no rights to put down anyone. And the same goes for those who are unsuccessful. You have no rights to judge your successful peers and find the ugly in their lives. You’re no better to do that.

You are not better than anyone, even if the person you love loves you too. You’re just fortunate or blessed but you’re not better than someone who’s alone. And if you’re alone, you’re not any better with those couples who are shouting at each other during their endless arguments. You have no rights to butt in, whisper to others your unsolicited opinions. You’re no better, remember that.

No, you’re not better than me and I am not better than you. We’re equals, although ultimately diverse. I cannot judge you, you can’t judge me too. If I think I knew better, that’s exactly when I knew nothing at all. The same goes for you.

Compassion is what the world needs, not finding who’s better or who’s worse.

Forgive Yourself

Love yourself… Now, forgive yourself? Am I too full of myself? Naw. It’s just that sometimes we are too focused on what’s happening around us-our jobs, our relationships, the media-that we forget to give ourselves the attention we needed.

Today, I’d like us to pay close attention to our emotions especially those we inflicted to ourselves, as opposed to emotions caused by others. Maybe, you’re adding too much weight on your shoulders. Maybe, you’re letting yourself take in too much of the emotions that you actually don’t need.

It’s natural for other people-like family members-to have expectations for us; perhaps, your mom wants you to be a successful business owner. Disappointing mom would not only hurt us, it will of course hurt her too. So, if you yourself has a huge expectation for yourself and then you ended up not adhering to that expectation, you will be both the disappointed and the disappointing. Those were too quite intense emotions; aren’t they too much for us?

I struggle with my emotions too but with awareness, acknowledgement, and practice, I believe I can be better. I believe I can be more compassionate with myself. Soon, I will be able to forgive myself for everything.

Compassion. Is compassion and love two different things? I do think so. If you love yourself, you desire the best for yourself at all times. If you are compassionate with yourself, you take time to listen and find what you truly needed. And maybe, what you truly needed right now is forgiveness from yourself.

Let’s forgive ourselves for not sticking to our New Year’s Resolution. Let’s forgive ourselves for not passing the exam, for arriving late at a very important meeting, for being lousy in front of the person we like, for stalking our exes on social media, for getting lost at our trips, for taking the wrong course, for sleeping way too late when we have to wake up way too early, for eating a lot or for not eating enough, for shouting at our friend and telling them mean things, for breaking the rules, for not being a good child… Yes, we’re holding grudges towards ourselves inside ourselves. And now it’s time to release them. It’s time to let them go.


Then, acknowledge. We cannot be the best every time. Someone will be better and that’s okay. We are bound to make mistakes-silly, little, huge, vital, unnecessary, good ones-but at least we’re trying. We could hurt others too but that does not mean we could not apologize for it. We could get hurt by others but that does not mean we should hold grudges. We could hurt ourselves and I know, you already know what we should do. Life is not all rainbows. Remember, rain is needed in order to get rainbows. Without the rain, it’ll only be bows. Acknowledge that sometimes, you are a rainbow and other times, you’re actually a rain. And that is okay.

Today, why don’t we take time to listen to ourselves and find what we needed. Maybe, we simply need rest or maybe, we need a full-body spa. Maybe, we need to indulge with desserts or maybe, we need an intense workout. Maybe, we need forgiveness and maybe, we need to finally learn how to forgive.

Let us continue to love ourselves and let’s also try to be more compassionate with ourselves. Let’s not beat ourselves, okay? Enough of that tough love, we need more softness and fluffiness and mellowness. Yas!

Do it to feel good!

Find what feels good. (from Yoga with Adriene)

Hesitations. Who doesn’t have them? At the back of the most successful business’ owner’s mind, there’s most probably a hesitation that he chose to just stay there…

A lot of motivational articles or speakers would tell you to just do it, do it to achieve your goals, do it because it’s what you’ve been dreaming of since you’re a little child. Let’s make a different motivational statement, inspired by Yoga with Adriene, let’s do it-whatever it is-to feel good (of course, only in a positive way).

Let’s talk about “feeling good” first. The good feeling that we’re targeting here is a permanent good feeling, a feeling that will linger, a genuinely-positively-good feeling. It is that good feeling that will make you want to share it to others, that will inspire you to live life every single day, that will make you truly happy as well and in the long run-fulfilled. It is the feeling that will bring out the very best in you.

I find it easier to do things when I do it to feel good about myself or to generally just feel good. For example, working out; I do it not to look good but to feel good. And I choose the routines that I will feel good doing. I choose dance workouts because I feel more energized and motivated while doing them. It is nice to have options and actually, we do have them almost all the time. Choose wisely.

Doing what feels good for you, for your body, mind and soul is a form of self-love. It’s not selfishness; it’s showing love and compassion for yourself. It’ll only become selfishness if you let what you do hurt other people or it is destructive to your own self.

Always choose what’s good for you. Always choose what feels good. Find it and I’ll pray to God that we all will. And when we finally did find it, let’s do it despite that little hesitation at the back of our minds.

An awesome day to you, awesome people!

Nope, not yet.

I want to post my blog in my Facebook profile page. I seem to want to brag that I can put up something like this to my friends, especially those I personally know but no, nope, not yet.

Aside from being a mediator and an idealist, I am also an introvert to its extremities. I am part of the group who’d rather spend their vacant time reading a book in a peaceful setting rather than attend a party. Yup, a huge crowd can give me anxiety. That’s one reason why I couldn’t work in manufacturing companies where IEs are usually employed. I am known to be a quiet girl ever since. I’m only talkative when I’m with my sister or by myself (pretending to be doing a haul, lol).

What I’m saying is people don’t know me and I’m at a place right now where I want to be known. I want them to know that I have a personality too-which is probably the opposite of theirs, I have feelings and thoughts too, I have ideas and perceptions and opinions too although I don’t get to voice them. Obviously, I could write them and that’s what I’ve been doing. I’m not really a verbal person.

I feel like I’ve been too closed my entire life, I’ve been too uptight, too aloof, too engrossed in my own world. I forgot that I am also a resident of the Earth, and not just my own little world. I’m thinking right now that I should open up a bit, loosen up, let people visit my world, let them take a glimpse of who I really am. Only then, I believe, will I finally achieve what I’ve been wanting to gain all my life-that is, other’s understanding. Yes!

Yes, I am an introvert but being introverted does not mean I don’t need people in my life. I need people too, and their affection and compassion, their understanding and care, their love.

One day, I’m going to share this blog to the people I personally know and tell them, “Hey, I guess it’s about time you stop misunderstanding me.

Please don’t misunderstand me. LOL! It’s almost the second week of the year. May the force continue to be with you!