Maybe my heart’s cold

Beginning to turn into ice

My emotions start to freeze

I gain a few edges.

It’s tiresome to love, to stay in love

It’s emptying to keep on giving

My heart’s tired

And so please just allow me to stop holding on to you.


I know something has changed

I had learned to forgive myself

I had learned to fogive people

I had learned to forgive my fate.

I’m hoping other things will change too

And maybe my life would be better

And maybe I could be someone’s joy

And maybe I would be happy.

It’s not like I’m unhappy

It is like I’m incomplete

There’s a lot that I’m lacking

One by one, I want to fill my emptiness.

It is not like I’m fully empty

I’m grateful for what I have

I don’t desire more but I need more

And it’s not only out of selfishness.