It’s Kriz, everyone. Turning/turned twenty four on June 7, 2017. I got my degree in Industrial Engineering in April 2014. I am the eldest of three children and one of the two girls. My parents are my treasure, my fortunes in this world.

Writing is what I love doing. It is my outlet too and my primary way of expressing my feelings and letting all my thoughts (or most) out of my incredibly clattered brain. I also like sharing my writings that’s why I put up this blog. 🙂

I am also into reading whether that’ll be a physical book or online articles about diverse yet uniformly interesting topics. I love to learn simple things, weird facts, hacks, and basically anything under the moon.

I hope to be a published and accomplished author. I’d like to publish Chicklit books and Self-Help. I promote “self-love” and “choosing happiness” and “following your passion”.

For business purposes, email me at wajekriz[at]gmail[dot]com. I can write blog or web content for you. I can also write fictional stories.

I am also on: