Shrek (Tagalog)

Isang araw na wala namang araw or nagtatago lang ‘to sa mga clouds, may magkapatid na bored na bored. Magluluto ang isa ng adobong manok nang mapagdiskitahan niya ang dalawang inosenteng kamatis at j-in-uggle ito. Feeling yata niya nasa circus siya. Sabi pa sa ate niya, “Kaya mo ‘to?”

Iniwan no’ng ate niya ‘yong hinuhugasan niyang jar at kinuha ‘yong dalawang kamatis. Unfortunately, hindi niya nasalo ‘yong isa. She tried again though. Nagawa naman niya twice but then her confidence level kind of soared. Akala niya masasalo niya ang kamatis kapag hinagis niya nang mataas, to the point where it almost kissed the ceiling. Well, iyon ang akala niya. Ang ending lamog ang kamatis.

‘Yong pasimuno nasayangan. Ang kapatid pinagalitan ang ate, at ang unang mga salitang lumabas sa kaniyang bibig ay ang mga unang salitang inyong mababasa in the poem below. Take note this is a collaboration poem by the sisters (and ako ‘yong ate).


Ang bola ay hindi nalalamog

At ang kamatis ay hindi tumatalbog

Kapag ang bahay nati’y lumubog

Sa baha tayo magmumumog

Hoy Pate, huwag ka nang magdabog

Kung ayaw mong ika’y mabugbog

At ang ulo mo’y maalog.

Mabuti na lang ika’y hindi nausog

Ang puso mo’y pigilang sumabog

Hayaang ito’y kumabog

Kapag ito’y may magandang hubog

Maaari mo itong ituhog

Ayusin mo ang iyong pagtulog

Nang ika’y hindi mahulog

Sa gabing ang langit ay kumukulog

At ang buwan ay magiging bilog

*Shrek ‘yong title kasi OGre si Shrek. Sarreh na!

Pink clouds

I woke up feeling anxious. I had a nightmare. A red helicopter suddenly appeared and it went inside the house and almost crushed me. The pilot wanted to kill me.

I let myself calm down for a moment. Then, I went outside for my morning walk.

It was pretty windy. The ground was wet due to last night’s heavy rain, which even resulted to power interruption. It was just 5 am.

I picked a flower that had fallen from its tree. It was a white angel. I thought it’ll be my companion for today’s walk. But, I dropped it. I felt a bit disappointed yet I proceeded, my heart a bit heavy.

Then, I turned around. I turned around to go back home. I turned around and saw the clouds. They were pink. Not all of them but up there was a mixture of different shades of blue, a hint of yellow, and pink. It was a beautiful sight.

The clouds somehow brought me the peace that I needed. And right that moment, I became certain that Someone up there is really looking after me. He knew that I wasn’t feeling well. He knew that I needed comfort. He knew that my favorite color is and will always be pink.

Think about you, too.

She was thinking about the chaos in her country. A group of terrorists attacked and almost got a hold of an entire city. It has been days and yet the war still goes on. There are still some civilians trapped in the area.

She was thinking of her family. They are not currently in the best condition. Being unemployed bother her and she feels like she’s no use in their house. She was also thinking about other people and how they view her and how they may judge her for her life decisions.

She was thinking too much. She was thinking a lot but snap! Why was she not thinking about herself?

For how many times, I’ve talked about how life can get painful. I’ve also talked about self-love. Sadly, when the former becomes too much, the latter hides behind the curtains. We tend to forget about ourselves when utter chaos hit our world. Actually, even the act of thinking too much about so many things is in itself destructive to ourselves.

If the things you worry about need your attention, let me tell you and so do you. Other people can attend to those other things but who will attend to you? It should be you too.

What we should do is to detach. Think about you and detach from everything else for a while. Detach and de-stress. Give yourself a permission to do these not just because you want to but because you need too. We all need to relax and re-energize.

Whatever would make you feel relaxed is up to you. You do it. You do it, especially during those times when it seems to be the least important thing to do because your plate is full. If you miss to find relaxation during those times, stress may build up in you.

Just don’t forget about yourself. Go backstage every time you have a chance, and do what you could do there to give yourself the love and care that you need and deserved.

At our favorite restaurant…

Saturday. Saturday evening. The way to our favorite restaurant was quite a chaos. It left us wondering if the traffic lights were properly working. Nonetheless, we’ve reached our destination. Well, it’s been a while. Three months and a half to be exact.

No need for any occasion. Someone in the family will give an idea that it’ll be nice to eat out and we’ll all agree. We tried other places too but we always go back to our favorite restaurant.

Our favorite restaurant offers all-Filipino dishes. It has the best ambiance. It’s surrounded by stars; being there feels like Christmas all the time. It is an open area with lots of long tables. The chairs are too comfy, you can rest your back and even lift your legs on it. And because the place is open, you will never feel alone. You’ll see the different vehicles down the road but it wouldn’t be too noisy. You will still hear the lovely music the restaurant plays. After 7 pm, a live band will be ready to serenade everyone. It’s awesome.

While waiting for the food, which are needless to say delicious, I like to look outside. I like to see the busyness of the world around me. I like feeling the natural breeze too as it kisses my skin. Sometimes, I like to listen to nearby conversations, as well. It’s nice. It’s just really nice.

And then, every time we leave, I could always feel my tummy smiling and my heart too. It was another memorable moment. It was simple yet meaningful. It wasn’t just about the food, the music, my company, the ambiance. I’d say it’s also about the warm feeling I carry inside whenever we go to our favorite restaurant. It’s nice. It’s just really nice.

To the man of my dream…

I don’t know who you are for I wasn’t able to look at your face, yet I certainly felt a connection with you. Maybe, you’re my soulmate or maybe you’re simply just a fragment of my thoughts.

Well, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for making me feel loved, wanted, and cared for for a brief moment. I could still remember the way you smell. You smelled of bath soap and it’s a comforting scent for me. I could still feel your hand in my head as you pet me. I had to slide it down to my shoulder though and yes, I had to hold it too.

Your hand is soft and I don’t want to let go of it. But in my dream you had to leave.

I hope to meet you in real life if ever you’re real. I long for the fuzzy feeling that you caused me. You put me at ease. I wonder if fate will ever let me see you again…

24 New (and not-so-new) Habits

As I’ve mentioned in my post, Decluttering, I’ll be turning 24 next month (specifically on the 7th). I want to improve myself and my life now that I’m becoming a fully bloomed adult. I want to be proud of myself and inspire others too. For me, that’s my main goal in life – to be of inspiration in any positive way.

To achieve my goal, I’ve decided to pledge to observe 24 new and not-so-new good habits. This is also my way of becoming aware of the things that I do wrong and then ultimately stop myself from doing them.

I want to share to you these 24 habits. You can borrow some or you can also create your very own established habits. I think the last one is the most important of all.

1. Be Less Digital

I will be honest, every single day, I’m in my phone the most. And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of us who prioritize social media. It’s like missing out on a news about our idol or about the person we care about is the greatest sin of life. In my case, it’s getting out of hand. All I want to do is be on social media all-day everyday. It’s such a bad habit.

From now on, I will only go on social media whenever I’m in my desk. I will also try my best to not be on my desk all-day everyday. This is only the first step.

2. Stop being lazy for myself.

I take a bath twice daily since I’m living in the hot and humid Philippines. But I know, that’s not enough self-care. I really get lazy to put on mask, to clean my nails, and the likes. This time, I’d be more industrious and willing to be more physically pleasing. I will tend to my nails once every two days and I will do mask twice a week. I’ll do other hygiene tasks more often.

3. Eat clean.

No more junk food. No more fast food. I’ll eat more vegetables. I will stay away from fatty and salty food. I will also drink lots and lots of water daily.

4. Be fit and physically confident.

I will workout even if I don’t feel like it. I’ll get back to my morning walks. My body clock has quite been messed up for a couple of weeks and so I wasn’t able to get up early. I’ve forgotten the day I last did a morning walk. But, I’ll get back to it. I really would.

I will make my body stronger through strength training and yoga and then, I’m certain that I could be confident with it. I will also be able to maintain my blood sugar at normal level.

5. Stop making excuses.

For the longest time, I’m not making any progress in my life due to excuses that I’m making up. I always say I can’t because of this and because of that. This time, no more excuses. I will be a doer now.

6. Stop complaining.

I don’t know why but I always find time and reasons to complain. I complain about my life the most and complaining does not benefit me. So, I would stop. I will also stop comparing my life to others’.

7. Use my time efficiently.

I will find new things to do that will make me more productive. I need to find something that I will enjoy so that whenever I feel bored, I will not resort to using my phone. Hopefully, I could find something profitable.

8. Read more.

I really want to gain more knowledge about anything, but mostly those I could use practically. I also want to enter new worlds and meet new awesome people by reading fictional stories.

9. Write more.

Well… 🙂 I also want to create new worlds and new people.

10. Listen more.

This is another way for me to obtain useful information. I also want to understand other people better. And maybe, just maybe, by listening more to other people, I’d be able to understand myself better. Listening, I know, is also a way of doing someone a favor. Let’s admit it, we are all longing for a person who’s willing to listen to us.

11. Talk more.

Since I am an introvert, I tend to be really quiet. This is why people label me as weird and why they cannot understand my personality. I need to talk more. I need to adjust to them so that we can understand each other. I need to do this for myself. I need to learn how to express myself, how to translate my thoughts and emotions into spoken words. I need to finally speak up.

12. Be more open.

Another strong characteristic that I have is being sensitive. It hinders me from growing because I tend to close my ears than listen to criticisms. Let’s be honest, some criticisms are important. They’re our push to improve. I will now be more open to hear out what people have to say about me and think about them rationally.

13. Say “yes” more.

I will also become more open to opportunities. I will explore the world. I will explore my potentials. I will be willing to try on new things. I will no longer let myself regret not doing this and not doing that.

14. Be more myself.

Most people who know me think I’m serious. I’m really not. Although I’m quite temperamental, I also have a goofy side. I believe I can also pull of a good sense of humor. I can be a little cray in public doing unexpected things for fun. People see me as a complicated person but I’m just really a simple human being. I get happy over the simplest things and get sad over the silliest things. I’m just like everybody else. 

15. Take care of my inner self.

I will continue my habit of meditating daily and doing yoga. I will also pamper myself every once in a while for utmost relaxation. I will also attend to my inner child by playing with my nephews and cousins, by watching cartoons, and many other ways.

16. Always be joyful and thankful.

A grateful heart is a happy heart. Instead of focusing on the things that I don’t have, I will always put in mind how fortunate I am for having everything that I have. Everyday, I will take time to thank God.

17. Be thoughtfully honest.

I am honest, sometimes too painfully honest that I already hurt other people. It’s time I change my ways. I’ll find the right words to say before ending up saying the wrong words. I will always consider other’s feelings. I now realize that it’s not enough to be logical, we also need to be compassionate. We cannot straighten a mistake with another mistake. And the reality is, people will only appreciate honesty if it’s kind.

18. Be optimistic.

Despite being an idealist, I admit I’m extremely pessimistic. I worry about the silliest things and did it help me? Absolutely not. From now on, I’d be more positive. I’ll let myself think more of the positive results of whatever that I want to do and be excited about it than of the negative results and just be discouraged.

19. Help more.

Whenever I can, I’ll extend my hand to anyone who’s in need. I’ll make it a part of my nature to help. And I will help without asking for any repayment.

20. Be kinder.

I feel like we all need kindness. Since we’re all going through some tough times in our lives, an act of kindness these days is much appreciated. I will smile to strangers more. I will be more polite and respectful.

21. Be more patient.

I know I need more patience in dealing with difficult people and difficult situations. I also need the longest patience to wait for my destiny to unfold before me.

22. Spread more love.

The world needs more love. We need more love. I want to share more of the amazing love God has for all of us. I also want others, especially those who feel alone, to feel that they are loved. We all are loved.

23. Love more.

I’m scared to love because I’m scared of pain. But maybe if I love, if I only love without expecting anything in return, there’ll be no more pain. I’ll love more without any inhibitions, I believe all of us should.

24. Be committed.

This is the most important because if I’m not committed, I won’t do all the other 23 habits and I wouldn’t be able to reach my many dreams. 🙂

Turn your worries into prayers.

When something bad happens, our first nature is to worry for the worst. Although we are aware that worrying cannot help the situation, we still do it. May we find the courage to convert our worries into prayers. The moment you heard a bad news, pray. Whether the news has a direct effect on you or not, and whether it involves people you know or not, pray. Pray.

These days, a lot of tragedy has been happening in the different parts of the world. How fortunate everyone who’s not there. May all these fortunate people pray for those who are on those places captivated by wars and by heartless people. Let us pray for the safety of the humanity. Let’s pray that the roots of all wars may be cut down and the wars be completely ended.

Dear Lord,

In the midst of all these bad things that are happening in the world, may we find you and your mercy and your love for your people. Please take care of your children. Heal our hearts, especially those who are causing the wars and those who are losing their faith during these dark hours of their lives. Lord, take away all the hatred and pains, and please replace them with love and compassion.

May all the bad things end and may peace finally arise in our world. Lord, forgive us all for our sins and please grant us the grace of the Holy Spirit to guide us in our everyday lives. May we always think what’s good for everyone, and not only for ourselves. Use us to encourage our brothers and sisters to be kind to one another and use us to be the messengers of your word and your unconditional love.

Thank you, Lord, for not abandoning us especially during these times. Thank you for listening to us as we turn our worries into prayers. Thank you for holding our hands when we seem to have no one else and nothing else to hold on to. We love you, Oh Lord. But, we know that our love for you cannot be compared to your love for us which is bigger than the world and surely, bigger that all of these unfortunate events.

Light up our hearts, Oh Lord, and fill them with courage, with strength, with hope, with love and compassion, and with utmost faith in you. 

All these we pray in the name of Jesus Christ, your son. Amen.

Don’t worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking him with a thankful heart. (Philippians 4:6)