Sino ka?

Sa tingin ko, ang pinakaimportanteng dapat magawa ng isang young adult ay ang kilalaning mabuti ang sarili niya. Alamin kung ano ba talagang gusto niya, kung ano ang makakapagpasaya sa kaniya, kung sino talaga siya.

Dapat nating malaman kung sino ba talaga tayo…

Sino ba talaga ako?

At kapag nalaman na natin kung sino talaga tayo, pakiramdam ko hindi na tayo maaapektuhan ng kahit anong pangungutya pero ang mas importante doon, magiging confident na tayo.

Confidence. Hindi lang mawawala ‘yong hiya natin kung hindi magiging confident din tayo na umalis sa comfort zone natin para magsimulang maglakbay sa path na gusto natin. Confidence… Confidence to make big decisions… Confidence to mold our life as how we want to… Confidence and strength to stand up with our own feet.

Kapag kilala natin ang sarili natin, hindi tayo malilito. Hindi tayo maghahanap ng kasagutan kung saan-saan sa tanong ng buhay na: ano ba ang gusto mong marating? Kapag kilala natin ang sarili natin, alam na rin natin kung paano ifu-fulfill at pasasayahin ang mga sarili natin.

Alam ko mahirap din talaga. Pero siguro, dapat nating mag-effort. Gaya kung paano tayo nag-e-effort kapag may taong gusto tayong makilala, pagtuunan din nating ng oras at effort ang pagkilala sa ating mga sarili.

Sino ba ako? Ano bang gusto ko? Anong ayaw ko? Bakit ako galit? Bakit ako malungkot? Bakit ako masaya? Paano pa ako mas sasaya? Paano ko masasabing kontento na ako?

At sa bawat tanong na nasasagutan, matuto tayong tanggapin ang mga katotohanan. Huwag mong i-expect na perpekto ka. Mayroon at mayroon siguradong hindi ka magandang katangian na maaari mo namang baguhin. Mayroon at mayroon ka siguradong matutuklasang kahinaan mo na maaari mong i-improve.

Kilalanin mo ang sarili mo. Tanggapin mo ang sarili mo. Mahalin mo ang sarili mo. Then, I believe dahan-dahan, unti-unti, magiging maayos na din ang lahat. Ika nga, “…start with yourself.”

Use Your Pains as Motivation

I have been bullied. I have been laughed at. I have been an outcast. I have been rejected. I have been ignored. I have been hurt a lot of times.

I know, we all have been. We all once cry or simply bow our heads. We all had that time when we lose our confidence or it was taken away from us. We have been hurt physically, mentally, and emotionally. We have all been bruised yet we’re all still standing.

Despite all those pains, we are all standing. We are all here, bruised yet alive; bruised yet alive.

We will feel all the pain or some of it at certain times. Something or someone will make us remember those times when we got our hearts broken or torn apart. Those times will surely come not just once… not just once.

What should we do if we reach that point in our lives? We always have a choice. But I hope we always choose to turn our pains into motivations. Let them motivate us to love ourselves more and no longer let anybody or any criticism from anybody affect is. 

Let’s let our pain be our motivation to excel in our lives and be the happiest we can be. Let’s let the pain and all our current and past destructors be our motivations to be strong, strong enough to always choose to forgive rather than hold useless grudges; strong enough to control our emotions rather than let them sweep us away; strong enough to always choose love and peace instead of hate and depair.

Pains, what do you know, could also be positive. It just goes to show how perspective could change everything. Let’s always go on the side that’s best for us. Let’s always choose where light shines and where we can shine the most. 🙂

Dear You…

Be grateful. You have a lot of things to be thankful for. On top of the list is the life that God didn’t give you, but God made for you. Take time to reflect on these two’s difference. God didn’t simply give you life. God made you; God made your life only for you. It’s the greatest gift. Embrace it no matter how difficult it may seem at the moment. Always remember that it’s God’s creation and so, he’ll always be in control of it.

Let go. Learn to sort things out. Keep those which you needed and get rid of the ones you don’t. The latter does not need to occupy some important spaces which the former can actually make use of. You’re not meant to sail a still ocean. Life throws lemons; use the good ones and throw the rotten ones.

Love. Don’t be afraid to feel different emotions. Don’t be afraid to be happy just because sadness may come next. Don’t be afraid of sadness, of fear, and the other negative emotions. Don’t be afraid of them so that they won’t be able to control you. Most especially, don’t be afraid to fall in love. Don’t be afraid to give a part of yourself to other people. Don’t be afraid to love only because of the pain it may result. You’re born to love.

Be happy. They say happiness is a choice and that it is not meant to be chased. I believe in them. Every day, you can choose happiness. Even if you’re not feeling it, you can still choose it. There’s nothing wrong in that. You got to be optimistic for life’s never constant. Keep smiling and let your smile shine for others too who need happiness in their lives.

Hope. Never let hope leave your heart. Keep hope deep within and let it grow day by day. Hope for better tomorrows yet never fail to appreciate today. Hope for awesome opportunities but also try to knock certain doors that could lead to your dreams. Hope for a better you and strive. Hope and water your hope.

Cherish every moment. Lastly, always be present. Moments don’t last no matter how so badly you want them too. And so enjoy each moment, each company, each laughter, each tear. Enjoy life as it is moment per moment. Don’t let yourself have any regrets. Live…

Live God’s gift especially for you with a grateful heart, take every learning that you can take and forget about the bad things, never resist any emotion but never let any of them control you too, smile, dream big, and seize every day!

My Morning Routine

I’ve been wanting to share this here because mornings are my fav part of the day and also my most productive time. But I wasn’t able to establish a consistent routine until recently. So, here it goes. My morning routine…

4:30 am. I wake up really early. My alarm is set at 4:50 am but obviously, I wake up before it. The first thing I do is check my current state or what I’m feeling. Unfortunately, I always find myself being anxious and so, the next thing I do is pray.

4:50 am. I am inside the bathroom, brushing my teeth and washing my face. Also, doing my personal businesses.

4:55 am. I am inside my room, combing my hair. After that, I put on my socks and head downstairs.

5:00 am. I am drinking my first glass of water of the day. Oh, before that, I was putting on my shoes.

5:05 am. I am outside walking and then jogging.

5:30 am. I am back home. I head back to my room.

5:35 am. I am sitting on my floor, meditating.

5:45 am. I am seated in front of my desk, reading my daily devotional books namely:

  • Bible (Today’s English Version)
  • Healing Presence
  • Good morning… God
  • Our Daily Journey

6:00 am. My downtime. I am on my phone.

6:15 am. I am back downstairs to do my workout.

6:45 am. I am cooking breakfast.

7:15 am. I am eating my breakfast, which always consist of fried rice. I won’t have enough energy for the day if I don’t eat rice for breakfast.

7:30 am. I am washing the dishes.

8:00 am. I am cleaning the house.

9:00 am. I am resting, usually with my phone again.

After that, the rest actually varies. Sometimes, I’m the one who cook lunch. Other times, I’m cleaning upstairs. At certain times, I am cleaning the bathroom. And there are also times when I am helping my mom with her job.

That’s it. Good morning, everyone!

Just Be You #notetoself

Stop worrying about what others think of you. Give your parents more credit and respect. You were not born in this world to impress people. You’re here to live and enjoy life and do what makes you happy.

Don’t over think who you are, what your attitudes are, or what your personality really is. Instead, just be you. Just let yourself organically react at each situation you find yourself in. Trust you; you know what’s right and wrong. You are not stupid; there’s no need to over think everything.

Just be you. Do what you feel like doing because that’s what will make you happy. Every day doesn’t have to be a productive day. You’re not a superhuman. You’re only a human, you can take a break.

Be yourself. Don’t pressure yourself to be what you want to be. You’re okay just being you. You’re already an awesome person as it is. There’s nothing wrong with letting time mold you into a better person and letting life circumstances improve you. Don’t rush things.

Be you. Smile and confidently show to the world who you truly are. The world needs that uniqueness that is only in you. The world needs more genuine people. Be one simply by being you… by embracing the person that is you. Just be you, okay? That’s everything the world needs from you.

Morning walks

Before my alarm clock goes on, my brain comes alive. That’s what has been happening for days. Then, I’ll feel the urge to pee and so, I’ll begin to open my eyes.

I love mornings. By 5:10 am, I’ll be outside. I will be putting on my deep blue slippers with golden straps. I’ll start walking. The first thing I notice is the weather. Is it windy? Is it already warm? I always hope that it’s windy.

I’ll walk. I’ll be hearing different sounds from neighbors’ televisions, from a washing machine, from dogs, from a sizzling pan probably with eggs, from the few early risers. I’ll also smell different fragrances, some nice, others you know what. Oh, I’d also be hearing the noise from various vehicles. I sometimes get blinded by their lights, and annoyed honestly. There were those days, though, when there were only a few of them. Oh, how I long for those kinds of mornings.

I love peaceful morning walks. It’s always nice to watch the sky as it change its color from midnight blue to orange, pink, and then a bright blue. It’s also nice to look at my lefts and rights which are surrounded by trees of various kinds. I could imagine them greeting me as their leaves wave and dance with the wind.

I salute those who walk with me. The struggle of getting up from a comfortable bed is real for everyone. Aside from the walkers, there are also the bikers. To be honest, bikers outnumber the walkers. To be honest, at times, I envy how fast and far bikers can go.

And of course, I could never ignore the chirps of the birds… and the birds. They fly from one place to another while the sun’s making its way up the Earth or technically, when our planet’s rotating towards the sun. I once called the birds my morning walk buddies.

I do envy these little folks’ ability to fly. I’d like to ask them if they ever envy our ability to walk. Oh, those birds, they never get tired of flying. They inspire me to never get tired of walking. I always enjoy watching them even if they could give me a stiffed neck.

Although I enjoy walking, taking in the world we live in, touching the ground beneath us, and feeling peaceful; I always find myself looking forward to returning home. And then while I’m on my way home, I always catch myself looking forward for tomorrow’s morning walk…

Floating in the pool

With a lifesaver on, I jumped into the pool. The water was not too cold. It was just cold enough to diminish the heat that my body caught the entire day. The heat of the sun was scorching then.

Or maybe, I didn’t really jump. I just carefully stepped down the tiled stairs until the blue water kissed my feet. I shivered a little when I came in contact with it. I hoped they didn’t put too much chlorine.

In the pool which was 4 feet deep, I believe, I was surrounded my familiar companions. But, they were busy doing their own thing. Some were splashing water with each other. Others were simply swimming at their very own style.

I never knew how to swim. I once almost drown in the beach. But I also never hated the water or feared it to the point where I no longer want to thread it. So, I moved a little bit farther from the stairs. On the space I was able to grab for myself, I started lying.

Slowly yet surely, I lay in the water like as if I was laying in a soft but still bed. I felt the water wash my hair. I let my ears get soaked in it. Once I was settled, ever so gently, I closed my eyes. Ever so gently, I search for peace. Ever so gently, I shut the rest of the world… at least in my mind.

I wouldn’t forget the feeling. I don’t want to forget the feeling, especially the peace. It was bliss. I was surrounded by people but I didn’t let myself feel the crowd. That moment, it was just me… just me.

The waves, I felt. Due to others’ constant movements, the water flowed. My lifesaver flowed with it, and so did I. I went with the flow unmindfully. I went with the flow fearlessly… Fearlessly. That was my favorite part of the moment, I was fearless.

I inhaled peace while my eyes were closed, and exhaled my fears. That moment, I just let go. I let go and let be. While floating in the pool, my mind was at ease and so is my entire body, and so is my entirety. What a moment that is…